Yes, you can import invoices crafted outside the app 👍🏼

There are actually 4 ways to do this:


  1. You can simply send a PDF file to This is our favorite way because you can simply put in cc or bcc when you send an invoice to your customer. Completely seamless! Note that you currently must do this from the same e-mail address that you used to sign-up (this is how we know it’s you). Your invoices will appear in a few minutes in the revenue screen. To make sure that any information pre-filled by our character recognition is correct, they will still need to be validated in the app.

  2. You can import a PDF from your phone (or cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive) by selecting the “Upload PDF’ option which you see when clicking the + icon in the revenue screen. iOS may require you to activate access to your cloud services. For this, follow Browse -> Locations -> Edit and activate Dropbox or whichever service you want to upload from.

  3. You can upload your invoice onto our web version, from the Revenue tab, click "Import invoice" and simply drag and drop your documents (in .PDF or image format) in the screen in order to add them in the app. You just need to validate the invoice information.

  4. You can simply take a picture of your invoice if you have it on paper. You will also see this option when clicking the + icon in the revenue screen.

Quick disclaimer: importing your invoices is sometimes a bit more difficult, as line items and sub-totals are harder to identify. Let us know if you have feedback on this experience.

A question about import of invoices in the app? We are available on the chat for you, as always.

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