It's very simple. It's packed with automation.

Where can I start?

You can scan a receipt from 2 locations:

  • the blue 'Bank Account' screen, with the mid-right button
  • the pink 'Expenses' screen, with the bottom-right '+' button

From there, the app opens your camera. You take the picture and we extract the relevant information to create the expense.

What information do you extract from the scan?

We extract the date, merchant and relevant amounts (e.g. total & VAT subtotal), as much as we can. Based on this data, we assign also accounting categories.

Sometimes the recognition might need a little bit of work though. We are continuously improving our recognition algorithms, so don’t worry. What might not be a 100% today, will be tomorrow. 

If you feel that we can do better, don’t hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or drop us an email.

Can I upload my receipt in batch and not one-by-one?

Not yet but you can do it in one batch e-mail.

We are working on this experience as we know it is useful to catch up on your admin. 

Still in doubt? We are here to help.
Go to the chat or send us an email on

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