We have a solution to help you import documents in batch from your computer
From your favorite browser, simply visit https://dropzone.accountable.eu/ and log in with your email and password:

Then simply drop your expenses in the pink zone.

You can import multiple PDFs and images at once: for each distinct file attached, we'll create one invoice and do our best to pre-fill the necessary data for your taxes (see below).

Once in Accountable
You should be notified once your expense has been processed (it typically takes 2-3 minutes). Once in the app, you should see your expense appear in the "EXPENSES" screen, at the top of the list, under the "EXPENSES TO VALIDATE" tab.

Before this invoice can count against your taxes, you need to validate the pre-booking that Accountable did: make sure the client is well identified and that the sub-totals and VAT totals are correct. Once done, validate the invoice and, off you go, your VAT and revenue totals have been updated.

Don't forget to tick the "invoice" box only if your VAT number appears on the document (this will allow you to recover the VAT on it).

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