Congratulations! Becoming self-employed with us takes just a few clicks. 

Step one: download Accountable and create an account
Download the app in the app store and simply start creating your account by filling in your email address, name and phone number and by choosing a password. We then ask you if you are self-employed yet, to which you can answer 'Not yet'.

Step two: fill in all the information Xerius needs
We then ask you to give us some crucial information Xerius, the enterprise counter in charge of your VAT number, needs, such as your status, your national registry number, your legal address and your Belgian IBAN. Finally, you can book a time at which Xerius can contact you to confirm everything.

Step three: call, pay and sign your forms for Xerius
During your call with Xerius, they will ask you to confirm all the information you gave while signing up. This will also be a good time for you to ask all the questions you have about becoming self-employed.

After your call, you'll be able to pay for your registration to the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises and your VAT number, either through the app or by bank transfer. You'll also need to sign some documents and upload them or sent them by email.

Step four: you'll receive your VAT number within a few days
Once Xerius received your payment and document, it will take them about 7 to 10 working days to send you your VAT number and you can start working. Congratulations!

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