The annual client listing is a list of the Belgian VAT numbers belonging to the clients to whom your enterprise has supplied goods or services during the previous calendar year for a total amount that’s higher than €250 (excl. VAT). The deadline usual falls on the 31st of March.

Submitting your client listing is mandatory for every self-employed professional who’s subject to VAT. If you're not subject to VAT, you only need to submit the list, if you have invoiced to clients with a VAT number for more than €250 in the previous calendar year.

Accountable can easily generate this client listing for you, if you're a PRO user:

  • Make sure that all of last year's income is logged in the app :-)

  • Open your mobile app

  • Go to the taxes screen

  • Look for the “Client listing" tax item and click it

  • Click Export listing and you will receive the file in your email

Uploading your client listing works the same as uploading your VAT return. You can watch the video below to find out how. Just make sure you click on 'Client listing' instead of 'VAT return' on Intervat. 

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