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Submit your VAT declaration to the tax office
🇧🇪 How do I submit a special VAT return or a declaration 629?
🇧🇪 How do I submit a special VAT return or a declaration 629?

Relevant if you are exempt from VAT and accidentally bought something from another EU-country

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What is it about?

You recently made a purchased from a supplier in another EU-country, and your invoice doesn't include VAT?

This is because it was invoiced under the Reverse-Charge regime: you communicated your VAT number to your supplier, who didn't know that you are not subject to VAT.

In this case, the VAT is due to the Belgian tax office.

You have to declare the VAT in a special VAT declaration 629, and pay the amount to the state.

💡 Pro tip

next time you make a purchase in the EU, make sure to buy as a private individual, don't communicate your VAT number, so that the supplier can charge you VAT.

Step 1: Generate the VAT return from the app

When you encode purchases in Reverse-Charge, the app will automatically prepare the tax return for you.

In your taxes screen you will find the "Special VAT" item:

When opening the tax item, click Next or go to the step 1: VAT submission

Next, after everything is correct, click "Download (.xml)" and save the file on your computer.

Step 2: Submit on Intervat

  • Identify on Intervat

  • Select "in your own name"

  • Go to the Dashboard, and upload the .XML file in the right section of the screen, and click continue

  • Validate the declaration

Step 3: Pay due VAT

In Accountable, go to "Step 2: VAT payment" of the VAT declaration, and follow the payment instructions.

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!

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