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I just purchased a plan, how do I get my invoice?
I just purchased a plan, how do I get my invoice?

It depends on where you bought your plan

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If you purchased your subscription on our website, your invoice will already be waiting for you in your app, ready to be deducted!

If you paid for Accountable through Apple's App Store, you won't be able to receive an invoice and recover VAT on this expense. We therefore invite you to use our site for your next subscription, but don't forget to cancel your Apple subscription so that it won't be automatically renewed. If you're still on time, you can cancel your Apple subscription, get your money back and then subscribe on our site.

If you paid Accountable through the Google Play Store, you can go to Google Pay There you'll see your different subscriptions and request the invoice. The invoice at Google does not appear until one month after purchase.

To make sure your VAT-number appears on the invoice, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile in the Play Store,

  2. Click Edit in the "Name and address" section,

  3. In the second address line, write your VAT-number,

  4. Click Update.

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