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How to add my credit card?
How to add my credit card?

You can easily encode credit card statements in the app to manage individual transactions

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Your credit card transactions are usually visible in only one single transaction on your current account.

You can simply add all your individual credit card transactions in the app, and classify them as any other bank transactions. Here is how:

Create a new credit card account

  • First, connect to the Bank screen on Accountable web.

  • From this screen, click +Add > credit card

  • Enter the name of the Account or Credit card

  • Upload your credit card statement. The system will scan the document and retrieve individual transactions. Read our Privacy policy.

  • Select "Review"

  • From the next screen, you can update, add, or delete a transaction

  • After you confirm, transactions will be visible like a normal bank account

Classify Credit card transactions

Simply classify your transactions like for any other bank account

Add another credit card statement(s)

For the next months, click on the "+ Add a statement" button to add another statement

Select transactions to edit or delete

It's possible to delete a transaction by selecting the transaction and click "Delete"

Add transactions manually

Click on the 3-dots menu > Add new transaction.

Then, input the supplier + date + currency + amount and validate

The transaction will appear as a single line

Classify your Credit card monthly debit from your current account

From your current account, classify the monthly Credit Card payment as "Credit card reimbursement"

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