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How to add my existing assets under amortization in Accountable?
How to add my existing assets under amortization in Accountable?

This article explains how to integrate previously purchased assets.

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Are you a new user who has purchased assets under amortization and would like to add them to Accountable?

In this article, we go through the steps in detail.

Here are the steps:

→ Encode the expense

First add the purchase invoice and then :

  • Specify the purchase date

  • Supplier name

  • Select the “Investment” category and then the corresponding sub-category.

  • Register the asset in the system (in the case of a vehicle)

  • Indicate the % of professional use

  • Indicate amortization period

  • Name the item

🚨 If you are subject to VAT, you must link the expense to the corresponding quarter, i.e., the VAT quarter in which this asset was declared.

🚨🚨You must encode the expense on the purchase date shown on the invoice (and not on the day of encoding).

→ The application will automatically calculate the deductible values for the current year.

You can access the information in your depreciation table:

Accountable applies linear amortization for the full year.

If you have previously amortized an asset using the pro rata temporis straight-line method, please contact our team at

→ The data will be accurately added to your tax returns for the year.

The deductible amount will be taken into account and added to your deductible business expenses:

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