Manage VAT to recover from purchase invoices

I want to make sure I recover the VAT from my purchase.

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And you're right to do so! It all happens in the 'Add/Edit expense screen'.

1/ Make sure the 'invoice' tick box is checked in the 'Add/Edit Expense screen'.

You can only recover VAT from purchase invoices, not receipts. Those invoices need to have your own VAT number printed on them.

If it's the case, just tick the box.
It will open the VAT amount field.

2/ Attach a document. Always.

We only take into account expenses that have a proof attached. It's a best practice in case of tax audit.

3/ Bear in mind that specific accounting categories do not allow you to recover VAT.

For instance, unless you work in this business yourself, you can't recover VAT from your restaurant tickets. 0% deductibility rate at the VAT.

(If you're curious about what you may deduct or not, check out our platform All-You-Can-Deduct ! )

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