Is my client exonerated?

Careful read this if you're not sure!

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Good to know before ticking the "exonerated" box when adding a client:

Exonerated customers are customers who do not need to pay VAT due to a special status, such as embassies. It is therefore important to check that you do not tick this box by mistake. (this is important, for example, for your annual clients list).

If you mean that your customer is a private individual: do not tick the "exonerated" box and simply do not fill in a VAT number: your customer will be marked as a private individual. 

If you checked "exonerated" because you wanted to charge 0% VAT on a specific item or invoice, the correct way to proceed is probably one of these :

  1. If you are a franchisee, the VAT will automatically go to 0%...

  2. If the customer is outside Belgium, VAT at 0% will be the default rate.

  3. If you are under the reverse charge procedure (co-contractor) in the construction industry, make sure that your items are marked as "services" and not as "goods", and select 0% VAT

  4. If you are subject to VAT and only pass on an expense to a customer, you must also charge VAT to that customer.

  5. If you would like to apply 0% VAT for any other reason, please contact our support department.

If you have any questions about this or any other subject, please feel free to contact us in the chat. We are here to help you 🤗

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