How much VAT should I charge to my clients?

21%, 12%, 6% or 0% ?

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Make sure that you charge the right VAT rate, to avoid bad consequences ⚡️

The VAT rate is calculated on the price of the good/service and depends on the nature of those item, set by the Royal Decree.

The normal rate is 21%.

In particular cases you can charge a reduced VAT rate:

  • 12%: e.g. catering, provision of social housing, margarine

  • 6%: e.g. food, water, medicines, books, transport, etc.

  • 0%: e.g. certain periodicals

This article will give you more details on this matter.

I'm franchised!
Then indeed, you shouldn't charge VAT. This will be by default on your invoices as you mentioned it in your settings.

My client is non-belgian!
Indeed, you shouldn't charge VAT either. When creating your invoice, simply enter the tax rate in question manually.

I'm in the construction business!
If you are under the reverse charge procedure (co-contractor) in the construction industry, make sure that your items are marked as "services" and not as "goods", and select 0% VAT

If you're not sure whether your client is exonerated: this one is for you!

If you're still not sure about the right VAT rate you should apply, don't hesitate to ask us in the chat! 

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