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🇧🇪 How to submit and pay my yearly income tax?

Deadline, forms, where and how to pay your income tax in Belgium.

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Our 3-minutes recap of income tax in a video

We also have a webinar about income tax that you can find if you click here.

How does income tax work for Self-Employed?

As a Belgian citizen, you are expected to declare and pay taxes on your annual income. The declaration is included in the same tax return that you would fill in as an employee. Actually, there is only one income tax return for all your sources of income (self-employed, employee, and other private income such as real-estate or stocks) and deductions (business expenses as self-employed, health insurance, donations, etc).

You declare and pay taxes on the previous fiscal year. For example, your 2023 income has to be declared in October 2024, and paid between October 2024 and April 2025.

You can do everything online yourself, via the official website Tax-on-web, until the 16th of October 2024.

There are 2 parts on your tax return:

  • Part 1 includes all your personal revenues (as an employee, or income from real-estate activities) and deductible expenses (e.g. donations). The part as an employee is pre-filled in.

  • Part 2 is related to your self employed activity

Why Accountable is the best solution to submit your income tax:

You will minimize your taxes We make sure all your professional expenses count to the max of their deductibility

🎓 Your tax submission will be quick and correct Your income tax return will be submitted on time, with all the necessary documents.

💰 You save money You don't have to pay an expensive accountant to prepare your return, the app takes care of it for you.

✏️ Guaranteed 100% accuracy If you are ever fined or audited as a result of an Accountable error, we have got you covered.

🌎 You are in control You know exactly what you are submitting to the tax office. Is anything unclear? Our team is here to help.

A complete how-to-guide to fill in and submit

Step 1- Prepare your data for Part 2 in Accountable

Accountable will compute all the necessary information for Part 2 of your income tax return. Here is a quick checklist of what to prepare:

  • Go to your taxes screen > year 2023 > income tax submission 2023

Fill in the form and check that the information is correct (income statement, deductible expenses, advance payments, etc).

1) Tax review : The system runs a number of tests and can identify potential issues:

If the system detects one or more issues, these will appear in Yellow / Orange:

→ Just click on the potential issue (here “You have unreviewed expense”) and you'll have access to the expenses concerned. If you're not sure what to do, don't hesitate to contact us!

Once the issue has been corrected, the message will disappear.

2) Personal details: your personal information, civil status, and dependent children

3)Your activity: your profession, and self-employed activity start date

4) Professional capital gains: summary of your capital gains (only applies if you have sold assets in 2023)

5) Subsidies & indemnities: additional revenues you have encoded as subsidies

6) Income: your P&L as a self-employed, and revenue as employee (relevant for complementary self-employed, or if you had an employee job in 2023 before starting as a self-employed)

7) Stock variations: This is where you enter the € value of your stock variations, if necessary:

8) Advance payments: Here you need to input the quarterly prepayments you have made (pre-filled in based on what you have encoded in the app)

9) Review will show you all the cells you need to fill in online in Part 2 of your tax return, with the related values.

10) Submit: This step guides you through the steps on MyMinFin, with screenshots available for each step:

💡 Tip: To move from one step to the next, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Next" to validate the step you've just followed.

Step 2- Submit your tax return online

1- Connect to Myminfin under your own name (use itsme or your card reader)

2- Go to the Part2 - Fiscal year 2024 - Income 2023

. Click “fill-in”, then continue

. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “I want to add new data”

. Go to Part2

3- Fill in Part2 with information provided by Accountable

4- Complete the process (= also fill in part 1) & submit your declaration

You’re done, congrats!

Read our dedicated documentation on the Help Center.

You can also contact us for any questions, or if you need support.

How to pay your Income Tax?

You don't pay at the same time as the submission of your income tax declaration: it will be later in the year, when you receive the final calculation of the government. Receiving this document can vary from Autumn of the same year to Spring of the next year. The payment of the income tax is also done via MyMinfin.

Do it in an easy way - pay online via MyMinfin. You will pay automatically on the correct bank account number, with the specific reference.

Other means of payment:

You can also pay

  • by bank transfer (with the correct specific reference) to the bank account number indicated on the tax assessment notice (also called “tax calculation” or “calculation note”), the payment advice, or the reminder;

  • with a bank card in one of the infocenters of the FPS Finance (Bancontact - Mister Cash);

  • to the debt collector when they have initiated proceedings (warning: there are additional costs in this case).

Warning: You can no longer pay in cash or with a (foreign) cheque. If you don't live in Belgium and don't have access to MyMinfin, you are advised to pay by a free SEPA bank transfer.

Always use the specific reference you will find on your tax assessment notice, the payment advice, or the reminder. The government can then process your payment automatically and quickly update your situation.

The best support team available to help

Our wonderful team is here to assist you in filing your yearly income tax.

Reach out to us at any time via the chat box in the app or via email at

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