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Why should I connect my bank account to Accountable?
Why should I connect my bank account to Accountable?

Start with the WHY. Always.

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We built Accountable so that it works on top of your current professional account 🔥

We live in the 21st century. We expect automation in our daily life. We don't want to spend anymore time putting together papers or encoding things that could otherwise be automatically collected.

This is why connecting your bank account is important.

Concretely, linking your professional bank account to the app benefits you in 4 different ways:

  1. We make sure you never lose a receipt again: you pay with your card, you receive a notification, you attach the receipt;

  2. We notify you as soon as one of your invoices has been paid, without you needing to open your banking app and search for the transaction;

  3. We compute how much cash is actually available on your account, based on your balance and upcoming tax deadlines. In real-time. No one does this for you;

  4. We automate 99% of the manual encoding: with your account connected, you never have to type in a merchant name, nor correct an amount again. We also assign the relevant accounting categories.

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