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Link your bank account
Connect your bank account to Accountable
Connect your bank account to Accountable

Why? For even more automation 💪🏼

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It is indeed an important step towards more automation...and less time spent looking for lost receipts 😎

In this article, we take the time to explain you the ins & outs of connecting your professional bank account to Accountable.

Why should you connect your account?

Connecting your bank account to Accountable opens a new world of automation. Concretely, we use the connection to your bank account to:

  1. Eliminate most manual work: with your account connected, you never have to type in a merchant name, nor correct an amount again. We also assign the relevant accounting categories better.

  2. Make sure you never lose a paper receipt again: you make a payment, we notify you, you can attach the receipt;

  3. Tell you when your invoices have been paid by your clients, without having you to open your banking app;

  4. Compute how much cash is actually available on your account, based on your balance and upcoming tax deadlines.

Concretely, how can you connect it to Accountable?

There are several ways for you to start the bank connection procedure:

  • From the blue "Bank Account" screen, in the lower window "Connect bank account";

  • From the settings, in the "Update your bank connection" section.

From there, the exact procedure might differ from bank to bank. Indeed, the market for bank connectors is gradually maturing but no standard has yet emerged.

How safe is it?

It is extremely safe, and this for several reasons:

1/ We only have a "read" access on your bank transactions, meaning that we cannot technically initiate transactions on your behalf.

2/ As a payment institution regulated under the National Bank of Belgium, we have the strictest data security processes in place to protect your data. We are regularly audited and have strict reporting obligations.

3/ Your trust is our biggest asset. We know we don't have the right to mess this up.

This depends on your subscription. If you have the free or BASIC version, you can link only one, if you have the PRO you can link up to 5 bank accounts.

Which banks are supported by Accountable at the moment?

We currently support most banks like ABN-AMRO, Aion, Argenta, Axa, Bank de Kremer, Belfius, Beobank, BNP Paribas Fortis, BPost bank, CBC, CPH, Crelan, Deutsche Bank, Europa bank, Fintro, GLS, Hello Bank, ING, KBC, KBC Brussels, Keytrade, N26, Nagelmackers, Paypal, Revolut, Sparkasse, Triodos, VDK, Van Breda, Wise. Other banks will be added as soon as they are ready to be connected in the app.

We are working extensively to increase the coverage of banks. Come back often to see if your bank was added.

And if I still have questions?

No worries, we are available on the chat here, or via email at

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