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Refer Accountable to a friend & earn 110€
Refer Accountable to a friend & earn 110€

Everything you need to know about the referral system in Accountable.

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As a user yourself, you know, better than anyone else, the value of using Accountable. Nobody speaks better about it than you do.

All your taxes. Done.
Complete peace of mind.

In practice, today, you share our existence with your friends.
You believe a lot of independents need Accountable in order to have "their figures in order" (your words 😉).

You help Accountable grow.

So it is only fair you get compensated for it.
Let us introduce our referral program, designed for Accountable users.

You get 10€ per active user invited + 100€ if they subscribe to a paid plan

It works simply: as a user, you get a personal page on which your friends can create an account. For every person that creates an account via your page and starts actively using the app, you get paid 10€. We add 100€ on top of those 10€ if they subscribe to a paid plan.

Where can I find my personal page?

You can find your personal link in the mobile app of Accountable, in the left menu, under "Invite a friend".

It may happen that this link is not visible to you, in which case, we invite you to contact our support on We would solve it together, no worries.

When am I paid?

Every new user that subscribes via your link has 2 months to actively start using the app. So, after a maximum of 90 days, we know if your friend has done so and, if positive, you get paid.

Every month, we also look at the new users that start subscribing to paid plans and, when coming from your page, we pay you the following month.

Concretely, the complete process looks like this ⬇️

Don't hesitate to contact us via if you have any questions, as always. We also strive to improve this program, so any suggestion is welcome.

Looking forward to reading you!

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