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How to link my bank account to Accountable?
How to link my bank account to Accountable?

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Where should I start the procedure?

We have set up 2 ways for you to begin the bank connection process:

  • From the 'Bank Account' screen, in the lower panel called "Connect bank account";

  • From the settings, in the 'Set up your bank account' section.

From there, the exact procedure might differ from bank to bank. Indeed, the market for bank connectors is gradually maturing but no standard has yet emerged.

For most banks, the process is based on the information you use to log in their mobile applications. You'll be connected instantly.

What happens once I connect my account?

You will start receiving transactions from your professional bank account into the 'Bank' screen. 

You will then be able to validate expenses, which is an important experience of Accountable.

For some banks, we will also be able to import a short history. Our ability to go back in time actually depends on the connector made available by the bank.

What if my bank is not yet supported?

It's OK, we are working towards 100% coverage in terms of banks in Belgium. Besides, the app works also without having a bank account connected.

Please let us know which bank you want to connect to in the app and we will be in touch as soon as the connector is ready.

Can I connect more than one account?

Currently not, but it is on the roadmap. Let us know if this is important for you.

You have an additional question? Tell us how we can help on the chat or on

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