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Can I create an invoice with copyrights revenue in Accountable?
Can I create an invoice with copyrights revenue in Accountable?

Are copyrights supported in Accountable?

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Yes, it's works perfectly in Accountable.

That said, copyrights are a complex topic, reason why we created a long article to explain how those work and what tax gains you can expect from copyrights in Belgium. > Link here

Check-list to start invoicing with copyrights ✅

What you need to start invoicing with copyrights in Belgium is actually quite simple:

  • A clear understanding of what are copyrights and whether or not your work is eligible

  • A good idea of the % of your work that qualifies as copyright

  • A written contract with your client(s), specifying a transfer or license of copyright and a related price

On the invoice, you will absolutely need to include:

  • A clear indication of the articles that are copyrights (e.g. “Assignment of copyright”, “Toekenning auteursrecht”, “Attribution des droits d’auteur”)

  • Their relative VAT rate (0%, 6% or 21%)

Additionally, you can (but are not obliged to) mention the amount of the withholding tax that your client will need to pay. Your client needs to pay this withholding tax, so it’s better (for good business relationships) if you mention it clearly on the invoice.

How it works in Accountable

It works seamlessly in Accountable 💛:

  • Your create your invoice with the right items corresponding to your (creative and non-creative) work

  • You add an item for copyrights at the correct VAT rate and name it Assignment of copyright, Toekenning auteursrecht or Attribution des droits d’auteur

  • In the comments, you add the amount of withholding tax your client needs to pay. See above to learn more about how to compute this amount.

Here is a valid example, made straight from Accountable.

Copyright invoice made with Accountable

Doing so, your VAT returns will be 100% correct.

Over the course of 2021, we will enable you to categorise the revenue under “copyrights” to make sure your income tax computations are also correct.

Off you go, dear.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to reach out in the app, in the Support tab

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