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Do I still need an accountant with Accountable?
Do I still need an accountant with Accountable?

This is entirely up to you:

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You can either fly solo, use Accountable together with the services of accounting firms selected by Accountable and certified by the Institute of Accountants and Tax advisors in Belgium, or export your data from Accountable towards your favorite accountant 👩🏻‍💼

Some of our users like to manage their admin by themselves: our app is made to automate most of this work, from creating invoices to collecting receipts, down to getting visibility on their taxes.  It's a unique experience in Belgium.

If you need temporary expertise from a tax advisor, you can book an on-demand support from one of our certified partner accountants. This would save you the yearly accounting fee while benefitting the advice from experts.

You can also choose to use us with your trusted accountant: we help you have real-time visibility on your taxes & all administrative obligations by yourself. At the end of every quarter (or whenever you wish), your data can easily be exported to your accountant in less than 30 seconds (full article available here) or you can allow them real-time access to your accounting information through our Expert platform.

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