We use the strictest industry standards to protect your data:

  1. All user data is kept on a private secured server completely controlled by Accountable. Bank transactions are also kept by our banking data access partner Budget Insight, a regulated payment institution.

  2. All data transfers between the app and the server are encrypted using the HTTPS protocol (the same protocol as the one used by online banking, e-commerce, etc.)

  3. User passwords are hashed and salted.

  4. Only 2 people at Accountable are technically able to retrieve user data, which they do only with user permission.

  5. All backups are encrypted Accountable does not sell or share your data with third parties.

Note that Accountable does not store or access any bank credentials. As of 2019, all access to bank accounts is managed by our partner Budget Insight. More information on their security protocols can be found here (https://www.budget-insight.com/security). 

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