We create Accountable so that you can always have control on your data 😃

It's likely you will want your data outside the app: sharing with your trusted accountant, running some personal analyses on Airtable, use-cases are legion. So, we built the export function to make it work for you.

So, how can I export my data?

Go to 'Settings' and 'Export your data".
Select the period to export and attach the PDFs if you wish. You will receive a link with the Zipped file in your email.

What is exactly in the export?

Our export includes:

  • All your bank transactions on your professional bank account
  • All your sales invoices, with images attached
  • All your receipts & purchase invoices, including images attached
  • The list of your clients & suppliers

Is it useful for my accountant?

Yes, definitely, the export contains all the data needed to do your accounting.

That said, we are also working on creating deep integration with specific accounting software.
Let us know if you are interested.

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