We are doing our best to make it as simple as possible, so that you can send more invoices, faster 🚀

Time to send your first sales invoice with us.
(You could give it a shot by sending a 'test' invoice to yourself for example)

It's easy: we create a unique reference for your invoice, you choose your client and add the relevant line items. (

Mixed VAT rates ? No problem; you can adapt it for each item.

Everything happens here:

What information is needed to create an invoice in Accountable?

We need your IBAN, your address and VAT number to create the PDF of your invoice. Indeed, without that data, your invoice is not valid, and worse, you cannot be paid.

You can set those up in the 'Personal Details' of the 'Settings' in the main menu.

How does my invoice actually look?

We generate a PDF with the data from your invoice. 

This PDF can be shared to your client via all means available on your mobile phone (i.e. email, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.)

The PDF looks like this:

Is my invoice valid for the Belgian tax code?

Yes, it's perfectly valid.

We also do our best to add all relevant mentions, based on your exact status (e.g. VAT exemptions, etc.)

Can I customise the layout?

As PRO user, on the current template, you can add your logo, your colours and your terms & conditions. 

If you have more questions regarding your invoices, we are at your disposal in the chat or on support@accountable.eu

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