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Create your first sales invoice

You can create your invoices and send them to your clients, with only a few clicks.

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With Accountable, you can quickly write your first invoices and send them directly from the app 🚀.

What information is needed to create an invoice in Accountable?

We need your IBAN, your address and your VAT number to create the PDF of your invoice. Without this information, your invoice is not valid and, worse still, you cannot be paid.

You can specify this data in the "Personal data" under "Settings" in the main menu.

What is the easiest way to create my invoice?

1) Click on "Create invoice"

2) Add your logo

3) Enter your customer

4) Write down your goods or services under items

Can I customize my invoice?

You also have the option of designing and customizing your invoice according to your wishes.

You can customize the following things: Color, layout, font, format, currency and much more.

How do I send my invoice?

You have several options:

1) Save + finalize the invoice

2) Download the invoice as a PDF

3) Send the invoice directly from Accountable

If you have any further questions about your invoices, we are available to answer them in the chat or at

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