Would you like to give your accountant an easy access to your documents in Accountable, so that they can validate your documents, generate your tax returns and give you the advice you deserve? Then you've come to the right place!

To give your accountant access to your documents in Accountable, just go to the side menu of your mobile app and click on 'Share with your accountant'. A new screen will then open with a button called 'Share with your accountant'.

After you have clicked on this button, we will take you to the 'accountants' screen, where you will be able to see which accountants are linked to your account. To add a (new) accountant, you can click on 'Add your accountant', which will open a pop-up, where you can enter your accountant's email address.

Simply click on 'Share' and your accountant will receive an invitation to view your documents in our accounting interface called Accountable Expert.

Do you have any questions about sharing your documents with your accountant? Don't hesitate to email us at support@accountable.eu or send us a message in the chat!

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