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We designed Accountable so that it could serve as your primary repository to store all your paper receipts and invoices 🗂

Indeed, why use DropBox or Scanbot, when you could have an app that automatically categorises your receipt & tell you how much taxes you need to provision for the end of the year?

It is simple: we made it so that you can import receipts from a variety of sources.

You can import receipts from

  • Your phone camera, a quick scan and you're good to go;

  • Upload from your Gallery, the place where you probably stored older photos;

  • Upload PDFs from the services connected to your phone (e.g. DropBox, Drive, etc.);

  • Email, you can email us any document to (from your login email) and we'll import it in the app (no limit in the number of documents per email);

  • Our web version, from the Expenses tab, click "Add Expense" and simply drag and drop your documents (in .PDF or image format) in the screen in order to add them in the app.

What information do you actually extract from the receipt?

We extract the merchant, the date and the relevant amounts, as much as we can. Based on this data, we also assign accounting categories.

We are always working to improve our recognition algorithms, so feel free to let us know what we can do better.

Where are my documents stored? Is it safe? Can I access them easily?

All your documents are stored on our servers, physically located in France. They are backed-up on a daily basis.

You can access all your documents at any point in time by exporting your data to your email. You can use the export function from the 'Settings'.

Can I upload my receipts in batch and not one-by-one?

Not for the moment but you can do it in one batch e-mail. 

We are working on this experience as we know it is useful to catch up some delay in your admin.

If you have more questions regarding your receipts, we'd be happy to answer them in the chat here or via email on

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