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We tried to make it as simple as possible, so that you can send as many invoices as fast as possible 😉

When you create a new invoice, you can click on the client field to add a client. 

This will bring up your list of existing clients.

If you need to add a new client, you can click the “Add new client” button. This will bring you to the screen where you will be able to add all the client details.

If your client is a Belgian entity (not an individual), this can be a matter of only 3 seconds: you should be able to find them by just typing a few letters and clicking on the correct name. This will fill in, with some exceptions, the name, address and VAT number of the client.

If your client is a private individual, an entity or person who started their business very recently, or a foreign client, you will need to input the details manually.

⚠️ Careful: If you're not sure whether you should tick the box "exonerated" for a client please read this article.

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