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Validate your first expense

It just takes a few seconds 😉

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We import transactions from your bank account and automatically assign categories. Your only job? Tell us if we did well...or what we did wrong 😃

It's a core experience of the app, so let's take you through the important points about validating expenses.

So, how do I validate an expense?

All expenses to validate appear in the  'Expenses' screen, in the list below the pink header.

This list is sorted: expenses to validate come first and expenses in order appear just below. We limit the number of expenses to validate displayed on the screen to 5: to see all, click on the "SHOW ALL" button.

To validate the expense, simply click on it, verify/add the category and attach the receipt if you can. 5 secs and it's done.

It's important to notice that you can also validate an expense from the blue 'Bank Account' screen.

To do this, simply swipe on the transaction that generated the expense to validate and follow the flow suggested in the app.

What happens if I don't validate an expense?

It's rather bad: the expense does not count in any of the computations (incl. all your taxes, profit, etc.) made on the app. For a clean situation, you should have as few expenses to validate as possible.

Do I always need to attach a receipt?

No, it's possible that some expenses don't have a proof attached.

That said, (validated) expenses without receipt will not count to compute your VAT returns.

Can I delete expenses that were proposed by the app but were not real expenses?

Yes, of course. You can delete it by swiping right on the transaction in the pink 'Expenses' list screen.

What is this "Invoice" tick box in the 'Add/Edit/Validate expense' screen?

It's there to indicate whether the document you imported is an actual purchase invoice, on which you can typically recover VAT. Those invoices need to have your VAT number printed on the document.

By clicking on the tickbox, you'll open the VAT amount input fields and unlock the ability to recover VAT from the expense.

If you have more questions, let us know in the chat here or via email on

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