No worries, we got you covered.

Email is probably the easiest option

You can simply send a PDF file to You can attach as many documents as you want in the same email and your expenses will appear in a few minutes in revenue screen.

To make sure that any information pre-filled by our character recognition is correct, you will still need to validate them in the app.

Please notice that you currently must do this from the same e-mail address that you used to sign-up (this is how we know it’s you). 

We can also get documents from your Dropbox or Drive folders

You can import a PDF any cloud service by selecting the “Upload PDF’ option which you see when clicking the + icon in the revenue screen.

Your iPhone may require you to activate access to your cloud services. For this, follow Browse -> Locations -> Edit and activate Dropbox or whichever service you want to upload from.

Are you planning on adding a desktop version as well?

Indeed, that is on our roadmap. 

Do you feel this is a pure necessity for your experience? Let us know how urgent you need this via the in-app chat or email so we can see if we can speed it up

Need support? We are here.
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